Flat Pack Table


The Flat Pack element of this very large Dining Table was born out of necessity. It was commissioned for a space with limited access, so the table could only be assembled once through the door. There are no screws, nails or glue used within the table. It is simply pegged together using the mallet and instructions supplied. Constructed from locally sourced wind fallen oak this is perhaps our most ecological piece to date. Once assembled the mallet and instructions are not thrown away but fitted to the underside of the table for future use.

Verdigris Table

Verdigris is the name for the green coating or patina formed when copper is weathered and exposed to air over a period of time. This table made from a spun copper top and solid legs is designed for indoor or outdoor use. The copper surface will age and wear with use making each one individual.

You Are Here Table

You Are Here is a coffee table that tells you were you are. A small engraved arrow points to your location on the map. Any international city or area at any scale can be applied. Table above shows North West London.

Lazy Chair for J & J

Child’s seat and table for joined & jointed.

Originally made as a whimsical showstopper, viewers walked towards the ‘Lazy’ chair only for it to collapse like a ‘thumb toy’ before reassembling itself. Joined & Joined has created a ‘sit-able’ version that retains the playfulness of the original. In oak or blue-grey with contrasting accents.