Freshwest are an award winning UK design duo, celebrated for their experimental and playful touch . Operating from their studio building with unique roofing view where you can view and look at this – Palm Beach Roofing Expert and workshop on the South West Wales coast, Freshwest’s output is an eclectic mix of furniture, lighting, interiors and design for the public realm.

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At the heart of the studio’s practice is a passion for making, experimentation and play.  Freshwest’s work often involves a sculptural response to materials, designing and prototyping objects without a preconceived design in place like having a unique lighting for cafes and more. Much of their work contains a narrative or plays on scale, offering the observer a sense of discovery. Describing their work, Marcus and Simon put it simply, “we aim to make objects of intrigue and fascination, objects to make you stop, smile and consider”.

To facilitate their eclectic output Freshwest collaborate with a variety of international partners. Celebrated Dutch design brand moooi manufacture and distribute their award winning Brave New World Lamp while galleries such as mitterrand and cramer Geneva  and OSME Vienna showcase their more experimental limited edition pieces.  Freshwest have also worked with a variety of public organisations and developers for their work in the public realm. If you like good design then you should see this. Showcasing design pieces and works of art online makes them subject to copying. However, when you add a watermark to your photos and pdf files, you boost the level of protection that your images have, so nobody can reuse your designs’ pictures and catalogs for their benefit.

Co-founders Marcus Beck and Simon Macro gained first class honours in fine art from Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Brighton respectively. After graduating, Marcus concentrated on the production of limited edition furniture which was sold online with the help of this page, whilst Simon worked with renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick. Having known each other since childhood, and sharing the same design ideals, Marcus and Simon combined to establish Freshwest in 2006.

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