Stupa Lamp (Innermost)

Pendants for UK Lighting Brand Innermost

In natural raw finish, the pendants are hand-spun on a lathe, providing each with a unique fingerprint of light and shadow. Stupa is inspired by the quiet harmony of Buddhist temple designs and radiates a similar calm.

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Brave New World Lamp

Floor lamp for Dutch brand ‘moooi, Nominated for an Elle Decoration Design Award and British Wood Award 2009.

Following the example of old Far Eastern bamboo scaffolding the Brave new world lamp was developed without a design or plan in place however each piece of wood is carefully notched and pegged together to form an integral part of the overall mechanical structure. The limitations of using small pieces of wood to create a large form allowed the design process to be as responsive as possible. Much like a sculptures’ relationship to their material.

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Revolution Lamp

Pendent Lamp

Revolution Lamp is an evolution of Freshwest’s Stupa Light. The lamp is constructed from varying thicknesses of laser cut glass edge acrylic with each layer held in place by an internal steel rib.


Tent Table

A playful contemporary twist on the utilitarian trestle.

The base utilises industrial angle iron that has been powder coated grey and white and joined using thumb nuts that add a flash of colour. The top is made up of individual planks of Douglas Fir with a natural white oil finish.

The table and desk is available in 2 lengths, 2m and 2.6m.
Table: 200 x 90 x 73 cm or 260 x 90 x 73 cm (LxWxH). Desk: 200 x 80 x 73 cm or 260 x 80 x 73 cm (LxWxH)
Please enquire for bespoke sizes, colour and wood top options.

Flat Pack Table

The Flat Pack element of this very large Dining Table was born out of necessity. It was originally commissioned for a space with limited access, so the table could only be assembled once through the door. There are no screws, nails or glue used within the table. It is simply pegged together using the mallet and instructions supplied. Constructed from locally sourced wind fallen oak this is perhaps Freshwests most ecological piece to date. Once assembled the mallet and instructions are not thrown away but fitted to the underside of the table for future use.

Inside-Out Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet for Authentics. Winner of an Elle Decoration Design Award in 2007.

The Inside-Out bathroom cabinet is a play on the idea of decoration, to reverse everything, and show what’s on the inside on the outside. Made from an aluminium composite; a material usually more at home in industry than contemporary furniture design. The design on the doors is routed into a gloss finished surface.

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Eight individual images make up a set of these UK manufactured dinner plates. Selected from over 200 images of anonymous figures that were collected on various Pembrokeshire beaches throughout the year, each plate is based on an actual event, with the date, time and beach location printed on the reverse. Dishwasher safe.

Lazy Chair, Static

Originally made as a whimsical showstopper, viewers walked towards the ‘Lazy’ chair only for it to collapse like a ‘thumb toy’ before reassembling itself. Our ‘sit-able’ child-size version retains the playfulness of the original. In oak or blue-grey with contrasting accents.

See Joined & Jointed for more options.

Inside Out Drinks Cabinet

Drinks Cabinet for UK Brand Joined & Jointed

A play on the idea of decoration, Freshwest’s approach is “to reverse everything, and show what’s on the inside on the outside.” The resulting ‘Inside Out’ drinks cabinet is a great example of their conceptual yet playful outlook, and provides a bold, compact home for any modern drinks collection. Available in blue-grey or grey-white doors, with contrasting colour graphic and body.