XXL Cubist Lamp

  • Gallery:

    Mitterand and Cramer Design

  • Materials:

    copper plated steel

  • Size:

    240 x 240 x 107 cm (LxHxW)

Limited Edition floor lamp for Mitterand and Cramer, Design, Geneva.

The XXL Cubist lamp is a celebration of the designer as craftsman and maker. Produced by hand at the Freshwest studio with no manufactured components (except the bulb and wire), this delicate structure is a sculpted responsive work created without a finalised design in place. Like a cubist sculpture, the structure of the lamp responds to your position with the iconic angle-poise form appearing and disappearing as you move around the object. Continuing the language of their celebrated Brave New World Lamp, Freshwest’s Cubist Lamp is an exploration into structure and design without designing.

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